Making a skirt from sprout patterns was definitely a different sewing experience. Let’s start by the ordering process. You go to the company’s website and choose a sewing pattern that you like from a number of designers. Then you choose your fabric and the pattern pieces are printed directly on the fabric. This is great in many ways. Not only do you use your fabric efficiently, but also you save time since you don’t have to trace your size. You just cut out the pattern pieces from the fabric. You can get more information on sprout patterns from their website. 

I chose the Moss skirt pattern from Grainline Studio as my preferred project. I received the package pretty fast but did not start it right away. I was distracted by other projects so I finally started sewing it after six months… Yes, I know! Not my usual self but sometimes it happens.


Since it has been a while, I don’t quite remember what size I ordered but I think that it was size 8. The issue with this kind of process is that you cannot make a muslin since the pattern pieces are already printed on fabric. Luckily, I chose a size that fit me well after sewing. I am also really happy with the fabric choice. I love the design and the fabric was easy to sew. I did wash it before I started sewing because I read in the company website that they calculate shrinkage and adjust the sizes of pattern pieces accordingly.


I thought that the sewing process will be real fast but I did run into some problems which I believe are totally my fault and made the process longer. The first problem was that somehow front of the skirt came out a bit shorter than the back part like about 2 cm. It was alright though since the skirt had enough length and I just trimmed the bottom of back skirt. The second problem that I encountered was the waistband came out shorter that the waist no matter what I tried. I stitched it twice in different ways and had to rip the seams several times. There was a lot of fabric left so I ended up adding a piece of fabric to the waistband. This part remains under the fly and the button so it is not that big of an issue.


So there was some problem solving involved with this project but overall I am really happy with the final product. The skirt is really comfortable and I love the design of fabric.



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An "adventurer" by spirit, I love everything that is handmade with a special focus on sewing and some knitting.

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