sunnydaytop6sunnydaytop9sunnydaytop7I got my knitting mojo back a couple of months ago. Although sewing is still my main focus, I try to keep a knitting project going on the side. I also think that knitting has its own place in my daily life. Sometimes I am just too tired to sit down on my sewing machine or I am resting in bed or watching TV and I can easily knit during these times. Most knitters say that there is something meditative about knitting. I think that this is true.

sunnydaytop8The pattern:

I used the Sunny Day Top pattern by Drops design. Although this top would still be too hot to wear during the really hot August days here, it is perfect for enjoying the last bit of sunny days in December. I made the top size L. I think that it was the right choice. The top has a nice fit at the bust and the rest of the top is looser giving it a tunic like feeling.

The yarn:

I was visiting Istanbul when I started this top so I picked up a Turkish brand for the yarn in a local store. The yarn is Alize Bahar (spring in Turkish) 100% mercerized cotton yarn in white. I used two and a half yarn balls for the whole project.sunnydaytop3-4 Alterations:

I did not really make any alterations to the pattern but since my yarn was different than the one used by the pattern, I had to change the number of stitches. I had to really make serious calculations until I reached the correct sizes for different parts.

I used 4mm knitting needles for this project. I blocked my project before I sew the front and the back sides. In the end the front came a bit shorter than the back but I liked that the look that it created. I really like the final product and it seems like I will wear it a lot.sunnydaytop5sunnydaytop10-11sunnydaytop1


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An "adventurer" by spirit, I love everything that is handmade with a special focus on sewing and some knitting.

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