cooper 3A cooper 2A

I have been looking for a bag that would have the comfort of a backpack but would also have the look of an everyday city bag. When I saw Colette’s Cooper bag, I really liked the style and I thought that with the right material I could turn it into a versatile bag. I also needed an easy-sew-project after the swimsuit and the bikini.cooper 6For this backpack, I used light blue thick cotton for the main body and soft fake leather for the flap, the gusset and the rest. For the lining, I preferred a more colorful and fun fabric which was light cotton. All the fabric was bought at local stores in Tel Aviv.cooper 8 cooper 4A cooper 5

The pattern instructions were very clear. Although the pattern is listed for a “beginner”, it did take some figuring out especially in places where the layers of fabric became really thick. I actually switched to a jeans’ needle at these points and it worked really well. I did not change much about the pattern except for the flap straps which were supposed to be the same color and material as the body but I preferred to make them out of fake leather.

I am really happy how this bag turned out because it has a professional look and it is very comfortable to wear. I might try another version like the satchel in the future.

Cooper 1eds

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An "adventurer" by spirit, I love everything that is handmade with a special focus on sewing and some knitting.

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