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Now that summer is at its peak, I try to adjust my sewing to the heat of long summer days. At this season, I look for functional and easy-to-wear summer pieces for my wardrobe. That’s why I ordered one of Tilly’s newest releases for this summer: the Bettine Dress.

When I went out to look for fabric that would suit this dress, I had a colorful knit in mind. And of course I ended up buying exactly the exact opposite 🙂 : a plain colored woven.  I came across this lightweight denim and I really liked it and could not resist.

My measurements were closest to size 4 in the chart and I made the actual dress this size which came out as a good fit. There were two versions of the dress, I made the one with the pockets and the tabs.

Generally, I do make a muslin for most dresses but I already tried some of Tilly’s other patterns and they worked well in terms of sizing. And Bettine did not seem like a very complicated dress so I did not make a muslin this time. Regarding adjustments, I did not change anything at the top part. The hips of the skirt came out too curvy creating a baggy look. This was probably because of the firmer texture of denim that I used. The fabric did not have much drape. If I had tried jersey or some similar fabric with drape, the result might have been different. So I straightened the side seams of the skirt as much as I could to give it a less curvy shape.


The instructions for the dress were clear and very easy to follow. Overall, I am quite happy with the result and I am sure that I’ll end up wearing this dress a lot.

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