I completed the first bikini set from Papercut Soma swimsuit pattern. As you might remember I was working on bikini Variation 2. You can read about the preparations here. I made my muslin size XS which came out as a good fit. However, when I finished the bikini pants and tried them on, they were a bit too tight. I guess I could have worn it that way but I like the fit of my clothes a bit loose to be able to move easily. So I decided to try size S. I like it better and the bikini bottom feels more comfortable. I had already cut the pieces for the top so I did not change its size.

somaswimsuit 1
One thing I changed in the pattern was adding cups. I usually don’t feel comfortable wearing bikini tops without cups which give extra support. For this, I sew the bikini top as instructed but added an extra layer of lining. The lining was attached to the bikini at the edges but I left one edge open to be able to insert the cups. It actually worked pretty well.

somaswimsuit 2

somaswimsuit 4

Overall, I am happy with the result. The bikini is really comfortable. One thing that I might change is the bottom, the sides are a bit thick for my taste. I might make them thinner in the next set. Compared to the first surf bikini that I made, the construction of the bikini is simpler and easier to sew. I think that the instructions were pretty clear.

somaswimsuit 7

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An "adventurer" by spirit, I love everything that is handmade with a special focus on sewing and some knitting.

5 replies on “The Soma Swimsuit Completed!

  1. I love this set, it’s so cute and I am so envious of anyone that can successfully sew that fabric!! Sorry to hear the pants are too tight, could they perhaps stretch??

    1. Thank you so much Sam! Well, the pants are not tight any more because I made a second one that is a size bigger 🙂 So after a second try, I finally made them fit 🙂 And regarding the fabric, if you have even the basic sewing skills, it really is not a problem to do some adjustments and try sewing swimsuit fabric. I’ll try to share some tips on sewing bikini sets from ready made patterns in my blog soon.

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