dress-shirt-8dress-shirt-2 dress-shirt-1 dress-shirt-5

I put in the second sleeve right into its place a few days ago finally completing the Dress Shirt. I was not sure how this dress will turn out in the end. I am used to sewing more closely fitted garments and I was not sure whether I could go with the loose style of this dress which has lots of ease. However, in the end I have to admit that I love this dress.The dress has many details that I like about it. I like the front bib, the pleat and also the gathering in the back. I think that these details complete the dress and give it style. The dress could be used daily but it could also be completed with some heels for a night-out. The fabric choice was also good. I did it out of linen which has some drape but not too much. The dress is very comfortable for summer weather and would also be wearable in autumn.

dress-shirt-6The instructions for the pattern were clear and easy to follow. I did the dress in a several stages because its details like putting in lining for the bib and the gathering in the back took a bit of time. Overall, I enjoyed the sewing process and was quite satisfied with the end result.dress-shirt-3 dress-shirt-9Below you can see details from the lining of the front bib and the pleat from inside. I finished the seams of the bib with overlock afterwards.dress-shirt-11

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6 replies on “Completed! The Dress Shirt by Merchant & Mills

  1. The pattern is by Merchant and Mills. It is the “Dress Shirt” pattern. I personally bought it online but if you live in Britain, I guess you can buy it from their store.

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