Cold and rainy days are here…which basically means sleeveless shirts and dresses are no longer allowed. It is time to start a winter wardrobe with thicker and cozy fabric. This of course gave me some motivation to work on my skills in cutting up and sewing sleeves.

I had a classic dress pattern ready for my summer dresses and I wanted to turn it into a wintry princess dress. For those of you wondering what a princess dress is here are some examples for princess dress patterns. You basically divide your dress pattern into three at the front and the back. I wanted a circle shaped skirt for this dress and added in the belt for extra styling. Here is the result.


I liked how the dress turned out but I thought it was a bit too plain for my taste. I think adding up a scarf or some jewelry would really add to this dress.

DSC_7060 DSC_7057 DSC_7065

Another fantastic thing about the dress was the fabric. I chose a jersey for this one and this was the first time I actually used it. The fabric has a nice feeling to it and it is comfortably stretchy.


One thing I learned from this project was how to combine sleeves with the rest of the dress. The shoulder line is lower on the front part of the dress and so it is important to pin the shorter side of the sleeve towards the front. This also helps in differentiating between the right and the left sleeves which might get confusing at times.

DSC_6969 DSC_7063


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