I recently purchased Tilly Walnes’s book on sewing—Love at First Stitch. This was actually my first attempt to do something from a ready pattern (I usually sketch my own patterns). I tried the Margot pyjamas and I really liked the result. The instructions were really clear and they were easy to follow. The only thing that did not work so much for me was the length of the fabric. The book suggested using 2.3 to 2.5 m of fabric and I ended up using a bit more than half of the fabric that I bought.

DSC_7052Although I tried only one pattern in the book till now, the book seems like a great book for beginners who would like to advance their technique. The instructions are clear and detailed enough so that you know how to combine different pieces in the right order. As I sew along the patterns in the book, I’ll post them in the blog.

The pyjamas are also great if you feel like sewing something with all kinds of bright-colored and printed fabric. Whenever I go into a fabric store, I am drawn to very colorful and printed fabric right away, which I end up not using or I find it hard to wear afterwards. Well, generally I have to stop myself going crazy every time I enter a fabric store 🙂

So here are the results:


DSC_7048 DSC_7039


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An "adventurer" by spirit, I love everything that is handmade with a special focus on sewing and some knitting.

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