made the Coco Pants from Ralph Pink on January (here) and since then I wanted to try his other patterns. I really like the style of his collection and already have a few pieces in mind. So when he had the sale, I purchased the Divina Drape. Actually I had a hard time deciding between the Amayo Drape which is Kimono inspired and the Divina Drape. In the end, I went for this one because its design looked interesting and I liked that it had fringe.

For the fabric, I used crepe-chiffon that I bought online from a Turkish fabric company. This was my first time working with such delicate and slippery fabric. So I made my homework and read a few blog posts and watched some videos on how to sew chiffon. I sewed the entire garment using tissue paper under the pattern pieces and it really helped. I did not run into much difficulty but it took me a long time to sew because I was scared that I would rip the fabric. 

The pattern itself was pretty straightforward and the instructions were clear. I chose size M according to the measurement chart and it came out as a good fit. I did not make any alterations to the pattern but I omitted the faux pocket. Initially, I sewed the drape thinking that I would wear it to the beach but once I put it on, I really liked it over pants and dresses. Overall, I really like how this garment turned out. I already wrote it to the beach once and it felt great.



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An "adventurer" by spirit, I love everything that is handmade with a special focus on sewing and some knitting.

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