Do you feel like shouting “Welcome Spring!”? Well, I do! While I know that it is not the case for all parts of the world, here it is and I am so ready for spring. Even the daily chores do not seem that bad in this great weather. So my first make for the spring is another Sew My Style project pattern: The Bridgetown Backless Dress and Tunic from Sew House Seven.

To be honest, I already wore this dress once and I am not totally sure about it. The back is way too open for me to feel comfortable. And this is after I already shortened the bodice by 6 cm (a bit less than 2.5 inches). I like how the dress looks from the front and its relaxed style but I don’t think that I will wear it without a strapless top inside.

Regarding the pattern, it is pretty straightforward and I did not have any problems during the construction. As you see in the photos, I made the back white. This was totally unintentional. I printed the pattern at a copy house in Istanbul and thought that the A0 file was all the pattern. As it turns out, the A1 file also needed to be printed, well what can I say my bad! So I traced the pattern and cut out the fabric. Of course at some point I discovered that the back bodice piece is missing. What’s more, I did not have enough fabric for the back.

bridgetown_dress-14So I decided to divide the back bodice and combine the left-over fabric with new fabric. This was a happy mistake because I really like how the dress turned out with contrasting fabric. What do you think?

I made one last alteration and shortened the skirt by 2 cm (about 3/4 inch). For fabric, I used viscose. It worked well for this dress because it turned out very light and airy. Although I am not totally sure about this dress, I think that it will be perfect for hot summer days. 


Posted by:mnahmiyaz

An "adventurer" by spirit, I love everything that is handmade with a special focus on sewing and some knitting.

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