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It is that time of the year again…The weather finally got cold and gave me motivation to start knitting. During the hot summer months, I maybe manage to knit a sweater with cotton yarn but usually not even that. I just don’t feel the urge to do anything related to yarn during the summer months.

When I was in Istanbul two months ago in October, I could not stop myself from going into one of my favorite yarn shops in Osmanbey. Among other things, I bought two skeins of hand-dyed yarn. I decided to use the first one to knit a hat for my husband. (He did not want to be photographed so I modeled the hat in the pictures even though he is the one wearing it.)

I used a free pattern on ravelry by Amy Anderson. The original pattern uses several yarns in different colors. My hand-dyed yarn already had two other colors so I did not mix it up. I started out by unwinding my hank of yarn into a ball. Then I made a gauge and ended up using 3.5 mm circular needles for the first part of the hat (K2, P1). Then I switched to 4mm circular needles and knit the rest of the hat by stockinette stitch. 

knitted hat 2 knitted hat 1 knitted hat 3

I was quite satisfied with the end result. The size of the hat came out as it is supposed to and fit my husband quite well.

knitted hat 8

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